Monday, July 12, 2010

Baroness - Second

Another week and still too little posting. Seriously I am so furious with myself. I have also got so many records that I haven't listened to yet. eBay has been pretty good to me this last week, lots of rad records for pre order and just buying stuff I love. My wife has been super supportive too, so that makes buying a really fun experience, as in I don't need to find money and sell too much shit. I'm into it.

On to the record for today.

Another one of those records I have been trying to get back into my collection, and the gods of eBay shone down their countenence upon me, and I snagged this at the first bid. I was about to go to bed, saw that the auction ended in 3-4 hours so I put a bid of $40ish and went to sleep.

I woke up bright and early for work, checked my phone (I do most of bidding on my iPhone) and saw that i got it for the opening bid of $29.99. I put it down to the fact that it had a higher start bid that people just passed it by. Their loss/my win.

The music on this, the bands second EP is fucking flawless, and to be brutally honest, probably the last of the bands work that I really really enjoy. It ebbs and flows and is almost like a single song. I just love it.

The artwork is also top notch, similar to First, and does have he same look as all the stuff Baizley does now (not that I don't like his work, this is just a bit different and alot of fun).

The etching on the B side is epic. Just fucking epic!

The band is coming out to tour with Metallica here, and I am pumped to suss that shit out!

If you can, buy this, or wait for the reissue of First and Second on 1 LP on Hyperrealist (they keep assuring it will happen!). A good result for me. Hahaha.

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